Meet Our Staff

Our Massage Therapist's


“I have been fortunate to live and work in the beautiful Napa Valley and provide therapeutic bodywork to both locals and tourists since 2008. My style is a combination of different modalities I have learned throughout my career. I incorporate guided breathing, stretching, detailed bodywork, and energy work. I look forward to working with you soon!”

Andre comes from an extensive spa background and received training at NHI. While specializing in deep tissue work, he provides a deep level of understanding about how the body works. His schedule fills up fast, so book early to get in with Andre.


After attending NHI and completing an internship at a local chiropractic office, Dominic has settled into a career with us at Blue Water. A native of California, Dominic is passionate about the outdoors and has gained a reputation for healing injuries often experienced by outdoor enthusiasts such as muscle strains, ankle sprains, and shoulder injuries. Using techniques such as stretching, cupping and CBD has helped to reduce his clients’ recovery time. Book a session with Dominic to experience his expertise for yourself!


As a new mom, Tyler is making her return to massage.  Having  received her training from the National Holistic Institute, in 2018.

With an extensive foundation in various massage healing techniques, such as Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage. She values her clients’ needs and provides exceptional care and comfort throughout the therapeutic process. Tyler excels in building professional relationships with her clients to ensure tailored experiences for each individual.


Joe is an exceptional massage therapist with an outstanding dedication to his craft. He pursued his passion for massage therapy by enrolling at Carrington College, where he obtained a wealth of knowledge in the intricate workings of anatomy, physiology, and pain management. His unique ability to tailor each massage session to the individual’s specific needs and preferences helps him to achieve outstanding results. In addition to his impressive skills and knowledge, Joe has a calm and welcoming demeanor that immediately puts his clients at ease. If you are seeking a highly skilled massage therapist who is dedicated to providing exceptional care, look no further. With his advanced expertise and calming presence, he is the perfect choice for all of your massage therapy needs.


A Napa local, Kait attended Massage School at the Colorado School of Healing Arts where she learned the foundations of healing bodywork as well as elaborate techniques of Deep Tissue and Stretching modalities, along with CSHA’s own Trauma Touch Therapy technique. Kait has several different Lymphatic Drainage courses under her belt and loves to educate clients on how that may further help them heal. 

Kait, like most of our staff here at Blue Water, is passionate about dogs and has two of her own. When she’s not here, she’s probably with them.


Iris is a highly skilled massage therapist with a strong background in chiropractic care. She has completed her training through NHI, a well-respected institution in the field of massage therapy. Iris is committed to providing exceptional therapeutic service to her clients and continually expands her knowledge of the subject through various courses. She firmly believes that massage therapy is vital to achieving overall health and wellness and aims to educate others on its benefits. Iris provides a personalized, empathetic approach to each client, meeting their unique needs and goals. Her dedication to her work is illustrated in her unwavering commitment to ensuring each client feels refreshed and reinvigorated. Iris is an exceptional therapist who consistently goes above and beyond for her clients.


Shelby joined our team as an intern in 2016, right after her graduation from NHI. We were impressed with her positive attitude, eagerness to learn, and outstanding skills. It was evident from the very beginning that Shelby was destined for greatness. She quickly became an indispensable part of our team, and we couldn’t be happier to have her with us every step of the way.

Over the years, Shelby has become a client favorite due to her approachable, friendly nature and her in-depth knowledge of various bodywork techniques. She is particularly adept at prenatal and pregnancy massage, where she is able to work with expectant mothers to alleviate aches and pains associated with pregnancy. What sets Shelby apart is not only her skill, but her ability to connect with her clients and put them at ease. She is a sensitive listener and understands how to tailor each session to the needs of the individual. 

We truly believe that it’s amazing people like Shelby who have contributed to our success and growth as a business. Shelby’s dedication and professionalism are an inspiration to us all, and we are grateful to have her as part of our Blue Water family.


As a Napa local, and 2020 graduate of NHI, we are lucky to have Jessica on our team. She brings  calm, confident approach to massage.

Having worked with several organizations before coming to Blue Water, Jessica has honed her craft, specializing in Swedish Massage. It may be the very foundation of spa massage, but its versatility and depth of healing is what keeps clients returning to see her.

Our Skincare Experts


Larissa is an accomplished esthetician with an extensive educational background graduating from the esteemed Le Melange Academy in 2015. With a passion for enhancing natural beauty and boosting people’s confidence, she is committed to providing top-quality skin care services to her clients. Larissa’s extensive knowledge of skin conditions, particularly those that affect young people, allows her to create tailored treatment plans that address individual skincare needs. Using her expertise, Larissa can identify the root causes of these conditions, making her treatments and recommendations highly effective. Her dedication to helping people maintain healthy and radiant skin is unmatched, and her clients continually praise her for her knowledge and personalized approach. Whether you need a simple skin rejuvenation treatment or a customized regimen, Larissa has the resources and skills to cater to your needs.


Growing up in Thailand, Nigh learned about beauty from her mom’s salon. Her curious mind always pushed her to ask questions and explore new techniques. She moved to the US for school where she was introduced to the world of beauty and worked in retail, but excessive makeup caused serious acne. This experience sparked a deeper curiosity in Nigh which led to a more in-depth study and understanding of skincare. As a result, she became passionate about esthetics and made it her goal to not only improve her own skin but also to help others achieve naturally radiant skin. Nigh’s dedication to her studies paid off as she earned her degree and license in esthetics. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Nigh is ready and excited to provide her clients with personalized and effective skincare solutions. She works diligently to understand each client’s unique skin concerns and develop a tailored plan that will help them achieve their desired results. Nigh’s mission is to empower individuals to feel confident in their own skin by providing them with the tools and guidance necessary to achieve healthy, radiant skin. She firmly believes that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and she is committed to making that a reality for each and every one of her clients. Whether you are dealing with acne, signs of aging, or just want to maintain your skin’s health and vibrancy, Nigh is here to help.