Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy practiced by CMATC licensed professionals

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Swedish Massage

The traditional relaxing spa massage. Medium to light pressure. No stretching, pressure points or firm pressure. Can include CBD, Warm Stone, or other add-ons if desired.

Available in 50- or 80-minute increments.

Deep Tissue Massage

A rehabilitative massage that can include stretching, trigger points, deep work (sometimes including elbows). Can include cupping, cryotherapy, warm stone or CBD, if desired.

Available in 50- or 80-minute increments.

Pregnancy (Prenatal) Massage

Our therapists are trained to provide special care during your pregnancy. The Body Cushion provides extra support and comfort during treatments, allowing you to lie face down.

Please note that prenatal massage is not available in 80-minute increments for guest comfort. Call us to book a longer session.
*Make sure to check with your doctor or midwife to ensure massage therapy is safe for you.

Limited Time Only

Seasonal Massage - Clementine

The traditional relaxing spa massage, with a scented spin. Medium to light pressure. No stretching, pressure points or firm pressure. Uses Clementine scented oil.

Available in 50- or 80-minute increments.

Consider upgrading to deep tissue for an additional $10.

Spa Treatments

These services include a bit more than “just a massage”.

The Recovery Massage

Recovery Massage

This 80-minute service is recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain (like fibromyalgia), are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes), or have sustained physical injury. Includes the following upgrades:

  • Cupping – Silicone cups used to release trigger points, relaxing tight or sore muscles.
  • Steel Ice Rollers – cold steel balls are used to glide over sore or injured tissue.
  • Muscle Relief Gel – a cooling cream applied to specific areas of the body that have just been worked on by your therapist.

The Ritual (Warm Stone)

This 80-minute massage uses warm stone and aromatherapy to relax injured, sore or stiff muscles.

The Signature

Signature Massage

This 80-minute Swedish Massage is recommended for individuals that want a relaxing service with a little bit extra. It includes:

  • Hydrating Foot Treatment – Papaya and Honey exfoliate the feet, while warm towels soothe and relax.
  • Warm Stone – Warm Stone Massage is used to access sore muscle tissue with heat, rather than pressure.
  • Aromatherapy – pure essential oil blends are used to aid in your relaxation goals.

Hangover Helper

This 80-minute service is great for those that did a little too much yesterday. Includes a detoxifying aromatherapy blend and hydrating sheet mask.

CBD Relaxation Massage

The traditional relaxing spa massage – with a boost of CBD. Medium to light pressure. No stretching, pressure points or firm pressure. Can include  other add-ons if desired.

Available in 50- or 80-minute increments.

Service Upgrades

Enhance your experience by adding any of the following upgrades – no additional time is needed for these upgrades, and they can be added to any service.

  • Cupping $25

    This ever popular element is great to add on to any massage where deep tissue work is desired.

  • Aromatherapy Blend $15

    Aromatic essential oils used during your massage.

  • Muscle Relief Gel $15

    Application of a warming herbal muscle gel can be great for soothing stiff and sore muscles.

  • CBD Pain Relief Cream $45

    An application of CBD cream designed to relieve muscle inflammation and pain.

  • Soothing Neck Wrap $20

    Soothe your neck and shoulders with comforting warmth, while camphor and eucalyptus transport you to a blissful place. Upgrade your experience to include CBD for an additional $45.

  • Hot Stone Therapy $25

    When applied to your back, the heat of the stones helps to penetrate deeper levels of tissue, melting away your tension.

  • Soothing Foot Treatment $25

    Pineapple and papaya fruit extracts naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, while aloe leaf juice and Texas wildflower honey deeply nourish and moisturize. This blissful treatment also includes a relaxing foot massage and warm towels. Upgrade your experience by including CBD for an additional $45.


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